Why I am (Not) a Blogger

by Kurt

It seems like a decision that needs to be made and remade constantly: do I self-identify as a blogger when asked ‘what I do’ … or say something about being a writer, online publisher or small business owner?

On the one hand, most of what I write (or edit or publish) has nothing to do with me, which means it defies the stereotype most people have about ‘blogging’ as a profession or hobby. Sorry folks, I am not going to write about what I had for breakfast or how I am feeling today.

On the other hand, it is not as if I set out to start an online publishing company. My (ad)ventures really did start with me posting articles on what could be considered a ‘personal’ blog ¬†and evolved into a (pre)occupation – a slow-growing network of websites that have made me a de-facto CEO of the most unlikely sort.

Some people seem to embrace the term ‘blogger’ – notably the mastermind behind we-make-money-not-art.com, but others as well. For me, it still seems limiting … or even downright misleading. I love what I do, frustrating and time-consuming as it may be, and feel that (for now) it just does not cover things to call myself a ‘blogger’ – but then again, I did just start a site with my own name in it. So … maybe I finally am one after all.