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Global Dialogues: Postcard Identities & Esoteric Landmarks [AIA NYC]

The American Institute of Architects, New York chapter, has brought together a diverse group of bloggers and designers, a photographer and a professor, all to talk about the changing role of architectural icons and city images in the information age. A summary of my own presentation at this event (hosted by the Center for Architecture […]

MacroCity 2014: An Introduction to Infrastructural Cosmology

In closing remarks at MarcoCity, a two-day conference in San Francisco, Geoff Manaugh compared our puzzling fascination with infrastructure to a cosmological search for hidden meaning and order in the universe. If that sounds like a stretch, perhaps you would not have enjoyed the conference as much as I did. Regardless, this note-style summary will […]

Mapping the Missing Middle: Subjective Geography & Variable Scale

So you are visiting San Diego, but where should you stay? No, not: which hotel … but which neighborhood? And which other neighborhoods do you want to visit on your trip? At one extreme, we have global, national, regional and city maps that show us a static picture of bland geographical basics. At the other […]

Coworking in SoCal: Reviewing San Diego Coffeeshops for Freelancers

Yelp!, FourSquare and TripAdvisor are great for regular consumers and travelers, but what about those of us looking for coffee shops based on other criteria, like: the loudness of music, the availability of seating and plugins and the general vibe for sitting and working? Eschewing coworking spaces on this trip, Mike and I spent most […]

2 Weeks in China, Without Being Shanghaied

I applied for and received a visa to travel in China for two weeks, part of the time with family and guides and some on my own as well. Major stops are highlighted below, but alas, notably absent is Shanghai, which I would still very much like to visit in the future. Though it is […]