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Content Strategy Follow-Up: Summary, Tools, References & Resources

Thanks to everyone who attended Content Strategy for Non-Marketers,┬áhosted by Google for Entrepreneurs and CoCo Minneapolis. This summary is designed as an event supplement for those wishing to follow up on specifics that were discussed. Please feel free to get in touch with me as well if you have any questions, critiques or suggestions!┬áNote: none […]

Scale Shift: Interface Redesign to Accommodate All Shapes & Sizes

A long time ago I decided on a fixed-width approach for our publications. For a while, it worked, but the game is changing again, thanks in no small part to a sharp increase in mobile users and touch interfaces, on the one hand, and ever-larger desktop screen sizes with higher resolutions, on the other. So […]

Misplaced Mail: 5 Most Common Emails Sent to me as Editor in Chief

My editorial inbox would drive me insane were I not able to derive some humor from its contents. If you are looking to pitch your [insert concept, product, project, video or cat pictures here] to someone managing an online magazine, newspaper or blog, please consider these the best ways to be ignored and/or summarily deleted.

21 Tools of the Trade: The Slow Accretion of Useful Services

It all started with GoDaddy, Dreamhost and WordPress – one domain reservation, one hosting company, one content management system installation, and two friends who graciously humored my desire to do something with them.

Double Down: Detroit then Denver in 10 Days

Two cities could hardly be more different – a historic town filled with decaying architectural wonders (overtly at an all-time low) and another booming and spreading (though eerily suburban outside of the downtown area). But what Detroit lacks in density it makes up for in potential – and Denver feels almost fake or temporary, surrounded […]

The Life & Death of the Great American Novel

A friend recently, and with a hint of sarcasm, suggested her goal was to write ‘The Great American Novel’ – but what, exactly, does that mean to us today? The meaning, usage and titles associated with the idea of a ‘Great American Novel’ have changed over time – from being applied to specific books to […]

Follow Up: The Crux of the Confusion About Metablogging

It is fascinating how many (if not most) lists of ‘successful bloggers’ seem to focus on either (1) metablogs about blogging to make money online or (2) that discuss business or marketing, which are not too dissimilar from the first sort or (3) semi-personal blogs that, with few exceptions such as celebrities, are rarely successful […]

Please, People: Stop Blogging About Blogs that Blog About Blogging to Make Money Online

It is one big clusterf*ck. The problem is: writing about writing to make money is itself only profitable for a lucky few at the head of the pack or, perhaps more accurately, the top of the pyramid (scheme). And there are still more of them every day. Why do people with no real experience keep […]

Resource(ful)s: Genuine Forward-Thinkers in Online Media

Beware of experts in marketing, communications and business. For better or worse, the best resources are generally reserved for the resourceful – those who go beyond Google or the over-hyped ‘experts’ in a field or profession.

Why I am (Not) a Blogger

It seems like a decision that needs to be made and remade constantly: do I self-identify as a blogger when asked ‘what I do’ … or say something about being a writer, online publisher or small business owner?