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Global Dialogues: Postcard Identities & Esoteric Landmarks [AIA NYC]

The American Institute of Architects, New York chapter, has brought together a diverse group of bloggers and designers, a photographer and a professor, all to talk about the changing role of architectural icons and city images in the information age. A summary of my own presentation at this event (hosted by the Center for Architecture […]

Efficient Frontiers: Will the Sharing Economy be Cooperative or Co-Opted?

What do 3D printing technologies, social lending platforms and co-working spaces have in common? It is tempting to answer that they are all part of the new sharing economy – a playground of possibilities including open source and peer-to-peer endeavors in a new creative commons.¬†Yet if history repeats (or at least rhymes), the democratizing effects […]

Social Lending: The Long Tail of Crowd-Sourced Funding

The Long Tail (as both a book and a concept) has defined and described so much change in recent history, but some of its most fascinating phenomena are just now bearing fruit. The original paradigmatic champions of the long tail online – eBay, Amazon and so on – are slowly losing steam, becoming less user-friendly […]

How Social Media Sites & Online Profiles are Replacing Conventional Engines of Search

The headline might sound extreme or downright fallacious to anyone who is a webmaster or online publisher, marketer or promoter or any kind. After all, search engine traffic is the pot of gold at the end of the SEO rainbow, right? And social media traffic, well, that is the fickle here-today-gone-tomorrow set of visitors who […]