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Efficient Frontiers: Will the Sharing Economy be Cooperative or Co-Opted?

What do 3D printing technologies, social lending platforms and co-working spaces have in common? It is tempting to answer that they are all part of the new sharing economy – a playground of possibilities including open source and peer-to-peer endeavors in a new creative commons.¬†Yet if history repeats (or at least rhymes), the democratizing effects […]

Coworking in SoCal: Reviewing San Diego Coffeeshops for Freelancers

Yelp!, FourSquare and TripAdvisor are great for regular consumers and travelers, but what about those of us looking for coffee shops based on other criteria, like: the loudness of music, the availability of seating and plugins and the general vibe for sitting and working? Eschewing coworking spaces on this trip, Mike and I spent most […]

21 Tools of the Trade: The Slow Accretion of Useful Services

It all started with GoDaddy, Dreamhost and WordPress – one domain reservation, one hosting company, one content management system installation, and two friends who graciously humored my desire to do something with them.

Coworking, Cabin Fever & Counter-Productivity

A new coworking venture opened today in a beautifully renovated warehouse space sitting below the center of St. Paul, (evil?) Twin City to Minneapolis. So why I am here (at home) rather than there? The reasons are many, but none of them are good. I need to leave this apartment soon – and you should […]