Kurt Kohlstedt

Urbanist, Author and Speaker

How Social Media Sites & Online Profiles are Replacing Conventional Engines of Search

The headline might sound extreme or downright fallacious to anyone who is a webmaster or online publisher, marketer or promoter or any kind. After all, search engine traffic is the pot of gold at the end of the SEO rainbow, right? And social media traffic, well, that is the fickle here-today-gone-tomorrow set of visitors who […]

Coworking, Cabin Fever & Counter-Productivity

A new coworking venture opened today in a beautifully renovated warehouse space sitting below the center of St. Paul, (evil?) Twin City to Minneapolis. So why I am here (at home) rather than there? The reasons are many, but none of them are good. I need to leave this apartment soon – and you should […]

Resource(ful)s: Genuine Forward-Thinkers in Online Media

Beware of experts in marketing, communications and business. For better or worse, the best resources are generally reserved for the resourceful – those who go beyond Google or the over-hyped ‘experts’ in a field or profession.

The (Liberal) Art of Becoming an Entrepreneur

They do not teach you this in school – at least not most schools. There is no required high school course on entrepreneurship, nor any liberal arts major specifically designed for people who want to be their own boss. Sure, there are economics, business and other related degrees, but unless it runs in your blood […]

Why I am (Not) a Blogger

It seems like a decision that needs to be made and remade constantly: do I self-identify as a blogger when asked ‘what I do’ … or say something about being a writer, online publisher or small business owner?